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Site trouble? (and misc. questions)

I'm having trouble placing an order, what's the problem?
What are cookies?
What browsers work best with this site?
Whom do I contact if I'm still having trouble?
Who put this site together?

I'm having trouble placing an order, what's the problem?

If you have ordered items but still get a screen saying you have not, most likely the "cookies" on your browser are disabled. This site needs to set cookies to track your order, and they are used only for that purpose. How to enable cookies is different for each browser. The checkbox is usually located in the EDIT-->Preferences, VIEW-->Options or TOOLS-->Internet Options menu of most browsers. If not, check your "Help" file on how to enable cookies. If you have questions or other problems with this site, please contact us.

What are cookies?

When you begin to browse the catalog, you are assigned a client ID number by a "cookie," which helps to keep track of what you order. Don't be scared! The cookie is merely a way to track your order through the site, and is sent back only to our server. We do not use the "cookie" technology for any other purpose. You may want to un-check the "show alert before accepting a cookie" box in your browser's preferences.

What browsers work best with this site?

Our site is designed to work on any 4.0+ browser (Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and AOL), but is optimized for 5.0+ browsers. If you’re using a 4.0 browser, we recommend you upgrade it. It’s free!

Whom do I contact if I'm still having trouble?

If you"re still having trouble, please let us know! We want to be aware of problems as they arise so we can fix them as soon as possible. Please contact us with a detailed explanation of any technical difficulties. We appreciate it!

Who put this site together?

This site is developed and maintained by The White Room, Inc., a web development agency specializing in Web catalog development. To learn more about services, please visit

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