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First Time At Monastery Icons?

This is my first time at the site, how do I use it?
What are your shipping rates and return policies?
Why should I sign up for an account?
Who is Monastery Icons?

This is my first time at the site, how do I use it?

For your shopping convenience, we use what's called a "shopping cart" to help you order online. This shopping cart works just the same as a real shopping cart - it collects items you want to purchase until checkout time!

Simply browse the store and when you want to purchase an item, just click "order" and that item is added to your cart. After ordering each item, you'll be given a "view order" screen that displays your items as well as a subtotal. When you are finished shopping, click "checkout" (a link on "view order" screen) and follow the easy steps from there.

Navigation: We have tried to make our site as simple and easy-to-use as possible. The main destinations you will probably use are shown on the very top bar. Text links are underlined and colored blue. You'll also notice that all site categories are shown in the far left column of each page. This allows you to go anywhere, from anywhere.

Getting Started: If you would like to browse the site, the best place to start is the Home page. There you will find our featured items and specials, and links to everywhere on this site.

Searching: If you have an idea of what you'd like, try a search using the box in the top left corner of your browser. If you know the item name or item number, enter it in the search field.

Express Ordering:If you already know the item numbers for what you want (for example, if you have a catalog in hand), try the Express Order feature on the bottom of the left-hand column. Enter the item number (one only) without the size option and click "GO". If necessary, you will be prompted to choose options for the item.

What are your shipping rates and return policies?

Please see our Shipping rate chart and return policy page.

Why should I sign up for an account?

There are three great reasons to sign up for a Monastery Icons account:

  • Quicker Shopping -- We remember your billing and shipping information so that you never have to re-key it.
  • Addressbook -- Store multiple shipping addresses in your convenient Address Book.
  • Order History -- View the contents of your previous Web orders with Monastery Icons.
  • Wishlist -- Create a list of your favorite Monastery Icons items that you'd like to buy today or in the future.
  • E-Mail Updates -- Be reminded about Monastery Icons sales and special offers.
Account setup: You can set up an accout in two ways: by clicking the "log in" link, or the "account" button on the top bar, or by following the instructions at checkout. Either way, it's simple and makes ordering from us in the future a snap! You do not need to create an account to place an order.

Who is Monastery Icons?

Click here to read more about Monastery Icons.

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