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Feature Articles

The Story of the First Easter Egg
Learn the rich traditions related to decorated eggs in Christian history and art.

Monastery Icons Tile Murals
Now you can grace the walls of your sanctuary, foyer, library, or church building with colorful tile murals of any of our icons. A wonderful fund-raising project for your parish or school! We offer these murals in sizes from 30 inches to 30 feet tall.

Monastery Incense Contest
Share your comments about Monastery Incense and WIN A BYZANTINE STYLE CHAIN CENSER

The History and Symbolism of Iconography
Who was the first iconographer and what were the first subjects for iconography? Learn about the birth and growth of this sacred art form, and the meaning and logic behind this stylized spiritual art.

How an Icon is Created
To create this online video we photographed successive stages of the creation of our latest icon, a portrait of the Holy Family. This 1-minute video gives you a time-lapse overview of each stage as a window into heaven is opened before your eyes.

How an Icon is Painted
ICONOGRAPHY IS THE OLDEST TRADITION of Christian sacred art, embodying the work of thousands of iconographers, many of whom were themselves saints. Unlike other approaches to painting, the creation of an icon does not begin in the artist's imagination. Rather, the iconographer's first work is to study how the subject at hand has been traditionally depicted in this rich artistic tradition.

The Virgin's Smile
The following is an account of the visit of Count de Bruissard to Saint Bernadette made just before the last apparition at Lourdes.

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