Christ Teaching Original Icon 20" tall

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"Now when Jesus saw the crowds, He went up on a mountainside... His disciples came to him, and He began to teach them" (Mt. 5:1-2). Based on frescoes from Mount Athos, in Brother Simeon's depiction of Christ teaching we see the Apostles Andrew, John and Peter in the first row of onlookers, along with other Apostles.

Created in the year 1999, this icon is painted on 1/4-inch non-tempered artist's hardboard measuring 16" x 20". The artist used matte fluid acrylics which replicate classic egg tempera. The background is painted. The icon has a protective artist's grade arcylic varnish.

This icon is one of a kind and will no longer be available once it is sold.

Sale or transfer of ownership of this icon does not convey any rights in the work itself. Any copying of the work, public distribution of the work, or preparation of a derivative work is strictly prohibited without the written express permission of Monastery Icons.

Shipping and handling for this icon is 36.00.

"Icons raise the soul and the mind to the realm of the spirit."

Photios Konotoglou, Greek iconographer