Our Lady of Czestochowa Original Icon 20" tall

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While many different Virgin Mary icons exist, legend attributes the creation of the icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa to St. Luke, the first Christian iconographer. St. Helena is said to have located the icon during her visit to the Holy Land and brought it to Constantinople in the fourth century. In a critical battle with the Saracens, this icon was displayed from the walls of the city and the Saracens were routed. The icon was eventually owned by Charlemagne and changed hands many times, eventually making its way to Poland.

This icon is painted on 1/4-inch non-tempered artist's hardboard measuring 16" x 20". The artist used matte fluid acrylics which replicate classic egg tempera. The background is painted. The icon has a protective artist's grade acrylic varnish. Created in the year 2001 by iconographer Brother Simeon Davis, the painting includes the artist's "signature" in tiny letters: "By the hand of Simeon 2001," as is traditional in iconography.. Shipping and handling $36.00.

Sale or transfer of ownership of this icon does not convey any rights in the work itself. Any copying of the work, public distribution of the work, or preparation of a derivative work is strictly prohibited without the written express permission of Monastery Icons.