Our Lady of Grace Original Icon 20" tall

SKU #PL611


Our Lady bestows mercy and grace upon the world in Monastery Icons' depiction of this classic theme. This icon is painted on 1/4-inch non-tempered artist's hardboard measuring 16" x 20". The artist used matte fluid acrylics which replicate classic egg tempera. The background is painted. The icon has a protective artist's grade acrylic varnish.

Created in the year 2000 by iconographer Brother Simeon Davis, the painting includes the artist's "signature" in tiny letters: "By the hand of Simeon 2000," as is traditional in iconography. Shipping and handling $36.00.

Sale or transfer of ownership of this icon does not convey any rights in the work itself. Any copying of the work, public distribution of the work, or preparation of a derivative work is strictly prohibited without the written express permission of Monastery Icons.