What did Jesus look like? A contemporary description

Face of Christ

Artists, saints, and all the faithful have wondered through the centuries:
What did Jesus look like? And what was it like to be around him?

Jesus the true friend

Here is a report about Jesus given by one of his contemporaries, Julius, the governor of Galilee, to Tiberius Caesar of Rome:

"In this present time of ours, there is a man called Jesus living according to the full virtue of godliness and goodness. People consider him to be a prophet, but his disciples claim him to be the Son of God, the Creator of heaven and earth.

Hoffman's head of Christ"Truly, we hear about this Jesus very strange and peculiar things. He raises the dead and cures any kind of sickness with one word of his mouth. His structure is upright, very handsome with charm, to the point that anyone who looks at him will love and fear him at the same time.

Sacred Heart Ornamental panel

His hair is long and radiant, covering his ears and brushing his shoulders. His forehead is wide, no wrinkles in his face. His nose is straight, no defect in his mouth. His eyes shine like the sun; no man can gaze or stare at them. Fear is in his rebuke. Tears run down as he preaches. He looks joyful always, but they never saw him laugh. When he speaks, he captures hearts and mind.

"He has a lot of his mother's features. She is the most beautiful lady among all people of the whole region."

Source: Dr. Zaki Shenouda, "The Encyclopedia of Coptic History"