Hand Painted Original Icons

Imagine the sacred presence of an original icon...

...created by America's most renowned iconographer Brother Simeon Davis

Over the past 41 years, Brother Simeon's devoted and prayerful labor of love has given birth to over 300 classical icons of the most beloved themes in Christian liturgical art, treasured in thousands of homes and churches throughout the country. His original works radiate an aura, depth and vitality that even surpasses even our beautiful icon plaques. Their vivid detail and rich colors give an unsurpassed testimony to the timeless appeal of the original tradition of Christian art.

Now you can experience the blessing of his priceless original works for yourself. Originals of almost all the paintings in the Monastery Icons collection are available for your purchase. Whether as a memorial donation to your church or the new centerpiece in your home shrine or altar, for decades to come these luminous "window into heaven" will raise the minds and hearts of all who behold them.

Sizes range from 14" to 72" tall. Appraised by a licensed fine art appraiser. Some icons have gold leaf backgrounds, others painted yellow-gold, as noted. Monastery Icons retains the copyright on all icons. Shipping and handling for most icons is $40, unless otherwise noted. Some icons included oak frame, as noted. Please note that original icons are not eligible for any of our promotional discounts.