Icon Banners

Custom Church Banners for Sanctuary

Add new beauty and grace to your sanctuary and processions with church banners featuring the icon of your choice! The rich and colorful dignity of these handcrafted banners makes them the ideal addition for church processions and displays in your church. These church banners for sanctuary are available in a number of colors with various options for additional adornment. Available in red, blue, green, purple, or off-white, with attractive gold crosses, trim, and tassels, and a laminated full-color chapel-size icon print (size 15x19 inches).

Choose any subject from our catalog! Available in two styles, with five colors available in each style.

  • Style B1, red, blue, green, purple, or off-white. 27 x 51 inches, 15x19 icon. $799.95
  • Style B2, red, blue, green, purple, or off-white. 27 x 50 inches, 15x19 icon. $799.95
  • Please note: the wooden stand and pole in the photos below are not included with these banners, and not available from Monastery Icons.

Style B1 in Red

Style B1 in Red

Style B2 in White

Style B2 in White


Choose from five colors of our new linen-textured polyblend.


Block or script lettering is available for $9.00 per letter. Lettering cannot be ordered online. Please phone or mail your order for banners with lettering.


Our banners now feature new improvements:

  • all crosses are embroidered
  • new ornate golden bordering
  • all banners are sewn with linen-textured polyblend -- an exquisite fabric with the appearance of linen but more durable and easier to clean.

All of our icon subjects are available as banners.

To order these customized church banners, phone Customer Service at 800-729-4952 or email us using our contact form.

Please allow four to six weeks for shipping when ordering banners, as each banner is custom made.