Icons of this Month's Feasts and Saints Days

THIS MONTH OPEN A WINDOW INTO HEAVEN in your home and parish with icons of the Feast Days and Saints Days of this month. Learn more about these special days when you click on the featured icon. These saint icons and icons of feasts days are a wonderful way to connect with your faith throughout the entire month and year.

Each icon is available in our full range of icon formats and sizes -- plaques, prints, cathedral sizes, banners, and magnets.June

June 3 - Saint Kevin of Ireland June 22 - Saint Thomas More
June 11 - Corpus Christi June 23 - Pentecost (Orthodox date)
June 11 - Saint Barnabas June 24 - Saint John the Baptist
June 11 - Queen of Heaven June 25 - Our Lady of Grace
June 13 - Ascension (Orthodox date) June 27 - Our Lady of Perpetual Help
June 13 - Saint Anthony of Padua June 29 - Saint Peter
June 14 - Saint Basil the Great June 29 - Saint Paul
June 16 - Sacred Heart of Jesus June 29 - Saints Peter & Paul
June 17 - Immaculate Heart of Mary June 30 - Twelve Apostles
June 19 - Saint Jude (Orthodox) June 30 - Twelve Apostles
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