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The Monastery Icons collection of sacred art is a unique, modern testimony to the timeless ancient, classical tradition of Christian iconography, which has been preserved for millenia in monasteries and convents around the world. As the contemporary iconographer Photios Kontoglou expressed so well, "Icons raise the soul and mind to the realm of the spirit." These "Windows Into Heaven" with their bright, rich colors and English text are treasured in thousands of churches, schools and homes throughout North America.

Our broad selection of sacred and liturgical arts includes holy gifts for every occasion, sacred art to commemorate your special events, and Monastery Incense, the most popular liturgical incense in America. This unique incense formula was created as an alternative to the mediocre incense that has been at the heart of so many parishes' "incense problem." And we are glad to say that according to our customers, Monastery Incense has solved the problem!

Sacred Arts Foundation is a non-profit foundation created to strengthen faith and encourage Christian devotion in churches, schools, and individuals through a ministry of traditional Christian art. Our foundation is a collaboration of artists, artisans and craftsmen throughout the United States and the world who strive to make our Monastery Icons products the highest quality available.

Most of our partners are small family businesses - our exceptional icon workshop in Tennessee, our "incense genius" and his team in rural Wisconsin, a family of artisans in Ukraine, the dedicated staff in our Wisconsin call center, our Georgian designer, the nuns in Athens, and many others - and all share the desire to provide excellence and inspiration in the sacred products and service they provide our customers.

Our customers include Christians of all denominations - Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Episcopalian, Lutheran, and many others. We are glad that all these Christian parishes and individuals find our website and our selection of art to be a source of inspiration.

We thank you for offering us the opportunity to share with you the inspiring beauty of sacred icons, and through our art and incense to contribute to the spiritual life of your parish and home.

"I have purchased many an item from your wonderful website. Fair price for beautiful Items. I gave a couple of your Items to my friends in church and they loved them. Thank God there are still good, hard-working people doing what they love to make people happy!"
- George M., New York

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