Cathedral-Size Original Icons

Whether gifted to your parish or displayed in your own home, the cathedral sizes of our Original Hand Painted Icons from Monastery Icons will inspire all whose gaze falls upon them. Featuring some of the most well-known subjects in Christendom, each is delicately hand painted by renowned American iconographer Brother Simeon Davis.

With a library of working covering over 41 years, Brother Simeon Davis has carefully honed his craft through study, patience, practice and of course, prayer. Brought to life with radiant color and astonishing detail, each icon is a masterpiece of Christian art.

Please note, each of the original hand painted icons featured here were painted at different times. Signed with the year by Brother Simeon Davis, each has been appraised by a fine art appraiser. Due to the larger size of these original icons, there is an additional shipping and freight cost which will be quoted based on the location for delivery.

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