Cathedral-Size Icons

Cathedral-Size Icons

The radiant beauty of our Windows Into Heaven icons and the stunning effect of special large sizes up to five feet tall and larger make a winning combination, guaranteed to heighten the spiritual atmosphere of your sanctuary. Priced to fit your budget, now you can afford to add the grace and beauty of traditional sacred art to your chapel with our Cathedral-Size Icons, just as did Holy Resurrection Church in Cleveland who chose our icons for their church (pictured above).

ordering cathedral size iconsTo order Cathedral Size icons, just go to the product page for any icon in the Monastery Icons collection and look at the pulldown menu "Cathedral Size." Please allow five to seven weeks for shipping when ordering Cathedral Size Icons. Shipping and Handling for 19" and 24" lengths are based on our usual rates. Shipping for 36", 48" and 60" are fixed rates. Shipping for larger icons or orders for multiple 36", 48" and 60" icons based on actual costs for shipping from Denver to your location so we will contact you with the actual charges.

Custom Solutions for Your Parish

We now offer custom-sized multi-panel icons and crosses in sizes larger than 60 inches tall -- like the 12-foot-tall Risen Christ Cross we produced for Saint Paul Parish in Florence, Kentucky. "The Cross looks fantastic," wrote Father Tom. "Our parishioners commented on the three-dimensional intensity of the colors, and our bishop thought it was outstanding."

Do you have a special project in mind for your church's sanctuary?

Just phone Customer Service at 800-729-4952 or email us using our contact form and we will do our best to provide the special solution you need for your church.