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Monastery Incense

Monastery Incense

Since 1985, thousands of churches throughout the United States have discovered Monastery Incense is the solution to "the incense problem" in their parish…and it can be the answer for your parish, too! The highest quality church incense should burn smoothly and evenly, and this is exactly what you will discover in Monastery Incense.

What makes Monastery Incense unique?

  • consistently pleasing and long-lasting fragrance
  • no choking or burnout
  • doesn't "gum up" and kill the charcoal
  • no more "incense allergies"

Each fragrance of church incense is available in one pound and half pound packages, and now our six most popular fragrances are also available in the quarter pound size. Sample our entire collection in our Sampler, and our most popular fragrance categories in our Assortment packs.

"Our priest and many of our older people were allergic to incense.... until we found Monastery Incense. Our priest has reintroduced incense into our services!"
        Dr. Thomas M., Columbus, Ohio