About the Artist

hand painting icon of the Queen of HeavenBorn in Pennsylvania in 1954, Brother Simeon Davis began the study and practice of iconography in 1977. He studied and consulted with Bishop Alipy of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia and other Orthodox iconographers skilled in panel icon painting and fresco painting.

By carefully copying the styles contained in various icons found both in books on iconography and church art, and in icon prints, he developed his skill, creating icons for individuals, church goods stores, and several churches in the United States. His artwork soon attracted a very enthusiastic response and gave birth to Monastery Icons as means of sharing his creations through affordable reproductions. He has painted over 300 icons.

It is no exaggeration to say that over the decades the work of Brother Simeon has sparked a renaissance in classic iconography in the United States, through which the blessing and inspiration of traditional Christian sacred art is now available to thousands of Christians of all denominations.

Initially he painted primarily in the Byzantine tradition, emulating the styles of the famed iconographers Theodore Strelitzas of Crete (16th century), and Photos Kontoglou (20th century). As his style evolved, he also developed more naturalistic styles and a modern Russian style. The subjects he has chosen go beyond those usual in the Orthodox tradition, to include beloved Western themes and saints like the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Saint Francis of Assisi, and many, many others.

He took his monastic vows in 1980 and now leads a contemplative life.