Over the past twenty-seven years the Monastery Icons collection has become the most beloved traditional sacred art in America, displayed in thousands of churches, schools, and homes throughout the country. Here what our customers have to say:

Seeing your icons is like seeing the face of a friend

“I have admired Monastery Icons for years. I really like to see someone making an effort to bring more traditional Christian art to Catholic parishes. I saw your icon banners at a church on Mackinac Island and recognized them immediately. It was like seeing the face of a friend!”
- Ardella C., Pennsylvania

A joy to behold and an invaluable aid in encouraging holiness

Fr. David

“How extraordinarily beautiful your icons are – and how my people love them! They are a joy to behold and an invaluable aid in encouraging holiness. These are images that bring you closer to Christ and His saints. The use of these icons has increased my parishioners' devotional life at home.”
- Father David, Washington

The best selection of icons

“This was the best selection of icons that we found. We got the icon we wanted, in a style that was our preference and was affordable.”
- Elizabeth H., North Carolina

Your icons exceeded our most optimistic expectation

“We are delighted with our five-foot icons from Monastery Icons! The colors exceed even my most optimistic expectation. Every who has been into our chapel since the icons were hung has remarked on their beauty, their richness as a source for meditation, and on their enhancement of the worship space.”
- George M., Massachusetts

At last – a gift of substance!

T. Cronin

“The fifty catechists in our church were thrilled to receive my gift to each of them of your icon of Saint Cecilia. This was especially true of those preparing the children for First Communion. At last – a gift of substance! Thank you!”
- Tim C., St. Anthony’s Church, Ohio

A crucifix that truly lifts our minds and hearts to God

“Your crucifix that graces our worship space continually evokes comments like ‘That beautiful cross has helped me to pray more deeply at Mass.’ ‘Every time I pray before this cross I see something new in its story.’ What a joy to have such beautiful religious art to help us all ‘lift up our mind and heart to God!”
- Fr. James S., Iowa

Monastery Icons sets the right atmosphere

“We have many icons from you in our hermitage and enjoy them very much. They help to set the right atmosphere for our home.”
- Our Lady of Grace Hermitage, Texas

Our chapel now has a unique peace and beauty

“We completed the amazing transformation of our chapel with 14 five-foot icons from Monastery Icons that pictorially guide the viewer through Christ’s earthly journey. While being totally sensitive and true to all symbolic detail, these distinctive icons are nonetheless quite unique in that they feature bright, modern interpretations with traditional colors....Our chapel now has a unique peace and beauty about it which is conducive to prayer and contemplation.”
- Sister Theodosia, St. Joseph’s Home, Saskatchewan

A wonderful solution to our giftgiving problem

Students of the Assumption School in New Jersey

“Monastery Icons has been a wonderful solution to our school’s Christmas ‘giftgiving problem.’ Our children are very receptive to religious education and used to iconography, so an icon is the perfect choice for a holiday gift of a religious nature. ”

The children love their icons and the parents have also expressed their appreciation. Many children have even used the icons to create an icon corner at home. Giving Monastery Icons at Christmastime has become an annual tradition at our school.

“One boy told me: ‘When I opened up my gift, the beautiful icon of the Holy Family reminded me of the true meaning of Christmas – to be with your family and those you love, not just getting gifts.’”
- Sister Vladimyra, Assumption Schooll, New Jersey

Brother Robert

An excellent portrayal of our founder

“You have created a striking and excellent portrayal of our founder, Saint John Baptiste de La Salle. It was received with acclamation by the Brothers at the Assembly for our 150th anniversary year. I hope and pray that this icon of this Patron Saint of eachers will find its place in the many faculty rooms of Catholic schools through the country and world.”
- Brother Robert M., Christian Brothers, Rhode Island

Heaven in my home!

John A.

“Throughout my home I display a number of your icons. All who visit me remark of their beauty and how they contribute to the sense of peace and holiness they encounter when entering my home. A visiting friend recently told me that being surrounded by your icons was like standing on the threshold of heaven!”
- John A., Massachusetts