Traditional Stations of the Cross

"At last, we've found a set of Stations of the Cross that is both attractive and within our means!"

These words of Reverend Kirk of Trinity Church in Texas echo the sentiments of many other clergy who now display this iconographic set of Stations in their churches. These traditional Stations of the Cross feature our unique blend of classic Byzantine iconography, English text, and deep, rich colors. This set presents the figures of each Station in spirit-filled depictions that will focus the minds and hearts of all who seek to follow the Savior's path.

Icons in these Stations of the Cross sets have a durable satin finish and are mounted on wood. Each set includes 14 plaques, one of each Station, now available in sizes from 6" tall to 24" tall. This unique set of Stations is also available as unmounted prints and as outdoor all-weather Stations, with or without shrines.

SALE: 15% off all Stations of the Cross plaque sets. Use Promo Code CATH15. Offer ends September 6, 2019. {Note: All-Weather Stations of the Cross not eligible for this offer.)