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Minimum quantity for special orders of 8" x 10" icon plaques in subjects for which we don't currently have in stock in the quantity you wish to order is 20 Icon Plaques of the same subject in this 8" x 10" size. Not eligible for further quantity discounts, or shipping or percent-off specials.

Enjoy 20% savings on your orders for 8"x 10" plaques of any icon in the Monastery Icons Collection. Besides offering you a substantial discount for special purchases for your parish and for group presentations, this program gives you the opportunity to order icon plaques of subjects that we might not regularly stock in this plaque size.

To order, just add the item subject code and name of the icon in the Additional Information section above.

Attractive and affordable gifts for any special presentation, our Icon Plaques feature colorful, detailed icon prints made with our exclusive Lumina Gold technology, mounted on high-density fiberwood 3/8" thick. Laminated with a protective, non-yellowing laminate with a satin finish.