Deluxe Stations of the Cross sets

SKU #230

Cathedral Sizes • Allow 5 to 7 weeks for delivery

  • Fourteen 10.8" x 14" mounted (EX)
  • $795.00
  • Fourteen 15" x 19.5" mounted (CP)
  • $2,495.00
  • Fourteen 19.5" x 25.5" mounted (CH)
  • $2,995.00
  • Fourteen 25" x 32" mounted (CJ)
  • $3,995.00


This enhanced version of our popular iconographic Stations of the Cross makes a sanctuary adornment your parish will cherish for years to come. Each Station plaque icon is mounted on another larger back plaque, with a wood grain finish.

Sizes refer to the dimensions of the larger back plaque. Price is for set of 14 Stations.

Like our other Stations, these Deluxe sets feature our unique blend of classic Byzantine iconography, English text, and deep, rich colors, this set presents the figures of each Station in spirit-filled depictions that will focus the minds and hearts of all who seek to follow the Savior's path.

NOTE: These sets are made on demand. Allow 5 to 7 weeks for the production and delivery of these sets.