Home Incense Kit with brass censer

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Now it's easier than ever to offer incense in your devotions at home. Includes our popular brass Hand Censer, a roll of 10 quarter-sized charcoal, 1-oz. packages of each of our four most popular fragrances of Monastery Incense (Damascus Rose, Queen of Heaven, Frankincense, and Sweet Myrrh), and instructions on how to burn incense.
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Damaged, but functional. Does what it is designed to do.
Apr 17, 2020
The item was extremely well packaged, but the burner was significantly damaged upon arrival where the bowl and stand screw together. This seemed like an easy to spot defect if any kind of quality control was provided, so I didn't want to pass my problem into someone else. It functions as intended, just not as beautiful/flawless as expected for a new and slightly expensive purchase. Most of the time I don't even notice it, but it has made me wary of ordering from this company again. Lately the handle has become quite loose as well. I have only had it a few months. So the quality of the burner is definitely suspect, but it does its job. The incense and charcoal work very well, and provide a lovely aroma for my home worship. I have had no problems with that part of the package. So balancing out to a three. Works like I wanted it to, but not a good quality burner.
Tim Tabor
Owner Response: We're sorry to hear about this problem. We are sending you a replacement censer and also a 1 lb package of our Monastery Incense Choice Assortment, which includes 1/4 lb each of our four most popular fragrances. I'm glad to hear that you are pleased with our incense, and that it has made a contribution to your home worship.