Lumina Gold

Since we began offering reproductions of the Monastery Icons collection in 1981 it has been a challenge to reproduce the gold leaf backgrounds of our original icons. But a new photo technology called Lumina Gold has solved this problem.

Not only does Lumina gold restore matching gold leaf backgrounds to all our icon plaques and prints, but has the added benefit of producing deeper, richer colors and sharper detail – a stunning transformation that brings all our plaques and prints closer to the vivid beauty of our original paintings.

From 4 inches to 60 inches tall, all sizes and formats of the images in the Monastery Icons collection are made with the Lumina Gold process.

What our customers have to say about Lumina Gold

Lumina Gold is very impressive! It seems to make all the other colors pop out of the bright gold background. The gold leaf background gives the icon a definite "royal" look as well.
– Deacon Roland B., New Jersey

The Lumina Gold process makes the colors "pop" and gives the entire image a sharper, more three-dimensional quality. Also, the gold background better resembles the gold-leaf of original icons instead of a flat gold-like color.
– Father Mark E., Maryland

The icons finished with the new Lumina Gold process are BEAUTIFUL! They have an elegant and impressive luster, and render the detail with depth. The gold looks like gold leaf. Thank you for making this improvement.
– Susan F., Ohio

The Lumina process has such depth and richness. Looking into eyes is almost real. For me, it made a wonderful focus for my prayers this morning, adding depth and intensity to my time with God. I look forward to having it as a central part of my sacred space each day.
– Dawn R., New York

With your Lumina process I find the colors richer. The gold leaf really stands out so you get it that it is gold leafing on the icon. The details of the image really show up and the face of the icon has more depth and the features show up better, really inviting one in to gaze "Gaze, Consider, and Contemplate," as Saint Clare said. Congratulations – good choice!
– Brother Robert R., Oregon

I love the new Lumina Gold process! Your icons are so detailed and almost three-dimensional. The colors and background are so rich, making it a lovely icon to contemplate and pray with. I will definitely be purchasing several!
– Ginger G., Texas

Your new Lumina Gold ones are just exquisite! The color of the gold and the depth it brings to the icons is striking, drawing one's eye to the icon and deeper into contemplation.  Looking at them I feel as if I am back in Greece in one of the ancient Byzantine churches.
– Birgitta M., Illnois

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