Monastery Incense Byzantine Blend

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  • Byzantine Blend Incense - 6 oz
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  • Byzantine Blend incense - 12 oz
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Monastery Incense Byzantine Blend features a classic blend of pure resins. This church incense is simultaneously serious and sweet. Monastery Icons offers many various fragrances of church incense, be sure to shop them all today.
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Beautiful Byzantine Blend
Jun 12, 2020
Byzantine Blend Incense is my favorite in the Monastery Incense line. It reacts to the charcoal much like the pure Frankincense by producing instant clouds of smoke that emit a gentle and pleasing fragrance. The granules bubble just a bit as they burn, and if you listen carefully, you can hear them crackle as they dissolve. If you are looking for incense that produces quick smoke and doesn't gum up the charcoal, you will absolutely want to try Byzantine Blend for yourself.
Thomas P. Gouin