Prophet Elias original icon SOLD

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SOLD. The Holy Prophet Elijas (also known as Elijah) is one of the greatest of the prophets and the first dedicated to virginity in the Old Testament. He is especially evoked in times of drought, because of GodÕs miraculous response to his prayer during a three-year drought in Israel.

Original icon painted on a 11" x 14" wooden panel with gold leaf background. Shipping and handling $36.00. Created in the year 1986 by Brother Simeon Davis, the painting includes the artist's "signature" in tiny letters: "By the hand of Simeon 1986" as is traditional in iconography.

Sale or transfer of ownership of this icon does not convey any rights in the work itself. Any copying of the work, public distribution of the work, or preparation of a derivative work is strictly prohibited without the written express permission of Monastery Icons.