Saint Nina Original Icon



Daughter of a noble Roman family and a relative of Saint George, Saint Nina was commissioned in a dream to go preach the faith of Christ to the people of Georgia (Iberia). As a testimony of the truth of this vision, when she awoke she found a cross had miraculously appeared in her hands. By the prayers and preaching of this young woman, the pagan worship of Iberia was overthrown and the king and his subjects embraced Christianity, earning Saint Nina the title "equal to the apostles and evangelizer of Georgia."

This icon is painted on 1/4-inch non-tempered artist's hardboard measuring 11" x 14". The artist used matte fluid acrylics which replicate classic egg tempera. The background is painted. Shipping and handling $36.00. Created in the year 1993 by Brother Simeon Davis, the painting includes the artist's "signature" in tiny letters: "By the hand of Simeon 1993" as is traditional in iconography.

NOTE: Allow 10-14 days for the delivery of this icons, which will be shipped from the artist's location.