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Great Icon Gifts Under $40
Glory to the Newborn King Acyrlic Glass Icon Glory to the Newborn King Acyrlic Glass Icon
Glory to God Acyrlic Glass Icon Glory to God Acyrlic Glass Icon
Adorable Mystery Icon - medium Adorable Mystery Icon - medium
Adorable Mystery Icon - small Adorable Mystery Icon - small
Holy Cross Birch Box Holy Cross Birch Box
Madonna and Child Birch Box Madonna and Child Birch Box
Blue Cross bookmark Blue Cross bookmark
Eternal Bloom icon small Eternal Bloom icon small
Blue Madonna Bible Pouch Blue Madonna Bible Pouch
Christ and Evangelists Bible pouch Christ and Evangelists Bible pouch
Blue Madonna Box Blue Madonna Box
Immaculate Heart Box Immaculate Heart Box
Sacred Heart Box Sacred Heart Box
Saint Basil Figurine - Red Saint Basil Figurine - Red
Eternal Bloom icon large Eternal Bloom icon large
Holy Spirit Bible pouch  Holy Spirit Bible pouch
Floral Diptych Floral Diptych
Perpetual Help Acrylic Glass Desktop Icon Perpetual Help Acrylic Glass Desktop Icon
Blue Madonna Acrylic Glass Desktop Icon Blue Madonna Acrylic Glass Desktop Icon
Byzantine Christ Acrylic Glass Desktop Icon Byzantine Christ Acrylic Glass Desktop Icon
Decorative Icon Keepsake Box Decorative Icon Keepsake Box
Humility of the Virgin icon Humility of the Virgin icon
Eternal Bloom Wooden Icon Egg Eternal Bloom Wooden Icon Egg
Urkainian Wooden Wall Crucifix Urkainian Wooden Wall Crucifix
Resurrection Icon Keepsake Box Resurrection Icon Keepsake Box
Stable Scene Silueta Small Stable Scene Silueta Small
Holy Night Silueta Large Holy Night Silueta Large
Come Let Us Adore Him Silueta Small Come Let Us Adore Him Silueta Small
Come Let Us Adore Him Large Come Let Us Adore Him Large
Virgin of Tenderness Heirloom Ornament Virgin of Tenderness Heirloom Ornament
Classic Icon Diptych Classic Icon Diptych
Ukrainian Travel Icons Ukrainian Travel Icons
Crucifixion Desktop Silueta Crucifixion Desktop Silueta
Perpetual Help Decorative Icon Box Perpetual Help Decorative Icon Box
Christ Icon Egg Christ Icon Egg
Eternal Bloom Icon Egg Eternal Bloom Icon Egg
Icon easel, small Icon easel, small
Icon easel, large Icon easel, large
Russian Nativity Triptych Russian Nativity Triptych
Gold Icon Medallion Ornament Gold Icon Medallion Ornament
Blue Icon Medallion Ornament Blue Icon Medallion Ornament
Nativity Ornate Box Nativity Ornate Box
Holy Family Ornate Box Holy Family Ornate Box
Nativity Icon Egg Small Nativity Icon Egg Small
Nativity Icon Egg Medium Nativity Icon Egg Medium
Byzantine Nativity Egg Byzantine Nativity Egg
O Holy Night Triptych O Holy Night Triptych
Newborn King Silueta Large Newborn King Silueta Large
Newborn King Silueta Small Newborn King Silueta Small
Unfading Bloom Box Unfading Bloom Box
Floral Egg Wraps Floral Egg Wraps
Eternal Bloom Birch Box Eternal Bloom Birch Box