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Icons of the Virgin Mary
Our Lady of Consolation Icon Our Lady of Consolation Icon
Our Lady of Perpetual Help icon - crowned Our Lady of Perpetual Help icon - crowned
Blue Madonna portrait icon Blue Madonna portrait icon
Our Lady of the Sign icon Our Lady of the Sign icon
Mother of Sorrows icon Mother of Sorrows icon
Cretan-Style Virgin of Tenderness Icon Cretan-Style Virgin of Tenderness Icon
Virgin of Tenderness Icon Virgin of Tenderness Icon
Hagia Sophia Madonna Hagia Sophia Madonna
Blue Madonna Icon Blue Madonna Icon
Queen of the Rosary with Mysteries Queen of the Rosary with Mysteries
Our Lady of the Rosary Icon Our Lady of the Rosary Icon
Mother of Our Savior Icon Mother of Our Savior Icon
Discounted Story Icon Pair Discounted Story Icon Pair
Fatima Rosary Icon Fatima Rosary Icon
Rosary Contemplation Icon Rosary Contemplation Icon
Coronation of the Virgin Mary Icon Coronation of the Virgin Mary Icon
Our Lady of Bethlehem Icon Our Lady of Bethlehem Icon
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Icon Our Lady of Perpetual Help Icon
Sweet Kissing Icon Sweet Kissing Icon
Mary Untier of Knots Icon Mary Untier of Knots Icon
Immaculate Heart Icon Immaculate Heart Icon
Miraculous Medal Plaque Icon Miraculous Medal Plaque Icon
Virgin and Child Icon Virgin and Child Icon
Virgin Mary Directress Icon Virgin Mary Directress Icon
Our Lady of Czestochowa Icon Our Lady of Czestochowa Icon
Our Lady of Lourdes Icon Our Lady of Lourdes Icon
Our Lady Queen of Angels Icon Our Lady Queen of Angels Icon
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Icon Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Icon
Byzantine Madonna Icon Byzantine Madonna Icon
Queen of Heaven Icon Queen of Heaven Icon
Our Lady of Vladimir Icon Our Lady of Vladimir Icon
Ornamental Virgin Mary Icon Ornamental Virgin Mary Icon
Virgin Enthroned Icon Virgin Enthroned Icon
Virgin of the Sign Icon Virgin of the Sign Icon
Holy Protection Icon Holy Protection Icon
Life of the Virgin Mary Icon Life of the Virgin Mary Icon
Saints of the Americas Icon Saints of the Americas Icon
Ornamental Guadalupe Plaque Ornamental Guadalupe Plaque
Our Lady of Guadalupe Icon Our Lady of Guadalupe Icon
Immaculate Conception Icon Immaculate Conception Icon
Discounted pair: Christ the Teacher & Virgin and Child Discounted pair: Christ the Teacher & Virgin and Child
Discounted Pair—Sacred Heart & Immaculate Heart Discounted Pair—Sacred Heart & Immaculate Heart
Discounted Pair—Christ the Lightgiver & Virgin Mary Directress Discounted Pair—Christ the Lightgiver & Virgin Mary Directress
Discounted icon pair—Ornamental Christ & Virgin Mary Discounted icon pair—Ornamental Christ & Virgin Mary
Discounted icon pair - Christ the Light of the World and Our Lady of Light Discounted icon pair - Christ the Light of the World and Our Lady of Light
Our Lady of Grace Icon Our Lady of Grace Icon
Queen of the Apostles Icon Queen of the Apostles Icon
Face of Guadalupe Icon Face of Guadalupe Icon
Our Lady of Light Icon Our Lady of Light Icon
Our Lady of Kazan Icon Our Lady of Kazan Icon