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Orthodox Style Icons & Gifts
Madonna Birch Box Madonna Birch Box
Eternal Bloom Gold Ornament Eternal Bloom Gold Ornament
Nativity Angel Blue Ornament Nativity Angel Blue Ornament
Kazan Blue Ornament Kazan Blue Ornament
Our Lady of Kazan Icon Egg Our Lady of Kazan Icon Egg
Perpetual Help Two-Sided Desktop Figurine Perpetual Help Two-Sided Desktop Figurine
Orthodox Style Embossed Icon of Christ Orthodox Style Embossed Icon of Christ
Classic Icon Diptych Classic Icon Diptych
Cross Car Pendant Cross Car Pendant
Our Lady of Kazan Keepsake Box Our Lady of Kazan Keepsake Box
Madonna Nesting Dolls Madonna Nesting Dolls
Pedestal Crucifix Pedestal Crucifix
Holy Cross Birch Box Holy Cross Birch Box
Madonna and Child Birch Box Madonna and Child Birch Box
Blue Cross bookmark Blue Cross bookmark
Eternal Bloom icon small Eternal Bloom icon small
Blue Madonna Box Blue Madonna Box
Saint Basil Figurine - Red Saint Basil Figurine - Red
Decorative Icon Keepsake Box Decorative Icon Keepsake Box
Desktop Mini-Diptych SOLD OUT Desktop Mini-Diptych SOLD OUT
Saint Basil Musical Figurine Saint Basil Musical Figurine
Eternal Bloom Wooden Icon Egg Eternal Bloom Wooden Icon Egg
Resurrection Icon Keepsake Box Resurrection Icon Keepsake Box
Gold and Silver Embossed Madonna Icon Gold and Silver Embossed Madonna Icon
Holy Family Ornate Box Holy Family Ornate Box
Nativity Ornate Box Nativity Ornate Box
Madonna and Child Embossed Icon Madonna and Child Embossed Icon
Travel Icons Travel Icons
Christ Resurrected Icon SOLD OUT Christ Resurrected Icon SOLD OUT
Deluxe Diptych Deluxe Diptych
Madonna Nesting Dolls Set Madonna Nesting Dolls Set
Russian Nativity Triptych Russian Nativity Triptych
Our Lady of Iveron Embossed Icon Our Lady of Iveron Embossed Icon
Decorative Icon Box Decorative Icon Box
Classic Icon Diptych Classic Icon Diptych
Christ Embossed Leatherette Icon SOLD OUT Christ Embossed Leatherette Icon SOLD OUT
Holy Trinity Keepsake Box Holy Trinity Keepsake Box
Virgin of Jerusalem Icon Virgin of Jerusalem Icon
Festal Set of Embossed Russian Icons Festal Set of Embossed Russian Icons
Gold-Framed Jeweled Icon of the Virgin Mary Gold-Framed Jeweled Icon of the Virgin Mary
Unfading Bloom Box Unfading Bloom Box
Eternal Bloom Birch Box Eternal Bloom Birch Box
Saint Mary Magdalene Embossed Icon SOLD OUT Saint Mary Magdalene Embossed Icon SOLD OUT
Enamel Ornament - Virgin Directress Enamel Ornament - Virgin Directress
Enamel Ornament - Mary Eternal Bloom Enamel Ornament - Mary Eternal Bloom
Enamel Ornament - Red Oval Enamel Ornament - Red Oval
Enamel Ornament - Blue Star Enamel Ornament - Blue Star
Enamel Ornament - Blue Oval Enamel Ornament - Blue Oval
Enamel Ornament - Red Star Enamel Ornament - Red Star
Heirloom Monstrance Style Ornament Heirloom Monstrance Style Ornament
Virgin of Tenderness Gold-Framed Icon Virgin of Tenderness Gold-Framed Icon
Nativity Gold-Framed Icon Nativity Gold-Framed Icon
Our Lady of Ostrabrama Gold-Framed Icon Our Lady of Ostrabrama Gold-Framed Icon
Our Lady of Kazan Ornate Framed Icon Our Lady of Kazan Ornate Framed Icon
Christ Ornate Framed Icon Christ Ornate Framed Icon
Nativity Ornate Framed Icon Nativity Ornate Framed Icon
Virgin of Tenderness Ornate Framed Icon Virgin of Tenderness Ornate Framed Icon
Our Lady of Kazan Desktop Medallion Plaque Our Lady of Kazan Desktop Medallion Plaque
Nativity Desktop Medallion Plaque Nativity Desktop Medallion Plaque