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St Brendan the Navigator icon St Brendan the Navigator icon
St Kevin of Ireland Icon St Kevin of Ireland Icon
Medieval Style Crucifix Medieval Style Crucifix
Saints of Ireland icon Saints of Ireland icon
Pink Egg Pendant Pink Egg Pendant
Discounted Pair - Christ and Madonna of the Roses Discounted Pair - Christ and Madonna of the Roses
Risen Christ Golden Line Wall Cross Risen Christ Golden Line Wall Cross
St Joseph the Worker Desktop Icon St Joseph the Worker Desktop Icon
San Damiano Golden Line Wall Crucifix San Damiano Golden Line Wall Crucifix
Brass Jeweled Bible Brass Jeweled Bible
Victorian Wall Crucifix Victorian Wall Crucifix
Virgin Mary Red Crystal Ornament Virgin Mary Red Crystal Ornament
Red Monstrance Style Ornament Red Monstrance Style Ornament
Sacred Heart Jeweled Bible Sacred Heart Jeweled Bible
Queen of Heaven Heirloom Icon Queen of Heaven Heirloom Icon
Golden Line Celtic Crucifix Golden Line Celtic Crucifix
Christ the High Priest Desktop Icon Christ the High Priest Desktop Icon
Saint Veronica Embossed Icon Saint Veronica Embossed Icon
Enamel Resurrection Icon Ornament Enamel Resurrection Icon Ornament
Risen Christ Indoor-Outdoor Display Risen Christ Indoor-Outdoor Display
Crucifixion Indoor-Outdoor Display Crucifixion Indoor-Outdoor Display
Saint Therese Figurine Saint Therese Figurine
Apostles Crucifix Apostles Crucifix
Miraculous Medal Desktop Silueta Miraculous Medal Desktop Silueta
St Francis Desktop Silueta St Francis Desktop Silueta
Crucifixion Desktop Silueta Crucifixion Desktop Silueta
Resurrection Desktop Silueta Resurrection Desktop Silueta
Sacred Heart Desktop Icon Sacred Heart Desktop Icon
Resurrection mini-icon Resurrection mini-icon
Christ Enameled Egg Christ Enameled Egg
Perpetual Help Icon Egg Perpetual Help Icon Egg
Sweet Kissing Icon Egg Sweet Kissing Icon Egg
Virgin of Hope Icon Egg Virgin of Hope Icon Egg
Embossed Floral Diptych Embossed Floral Diptych
Easter Story Icon Easter Story Icon
Ukrainian Diptych Ukrainian Diptych
Eternal Bloom Icon Egg Eternal Bloom Icon Egg
Christ Icon Egg Christ Icon Egg
Christ of the Roses Icon Christ of the Roses Icon
Mini Easter Eggs with Pouch Mini Easter Eggs with Pouch
Perpetual Help Decorative Icon Box Perpetual Help Decorative Icon Box
Resurrection Nesting Dolls Resurrection Nesting Dolls
Extreme Humility mini-icon Extreme Humility mini-icon
Our Lady of Kazan Icon Egg Our Lady of Kazan Icon Egg
Deluxe Diptych Deluxe Diptych
Russian Icon of Christ Resurrected Russian Icon of Christ Resurrected
Angel Memorial Cross Angel Memorial Cross
Porcelain Nightlight Porcelain Nightlight
Risen Christ Cross Figurine Risen Christ Cross Figurine
Our Lady of Grace Wax Relief Candle Our Lady of Grace Wax Relief Candle
Immaculate Heart Wax Relief Candle Immaculate Heart Wax Relief Candle
Sacred Wax Relief Candle Sacred Wax Relief Candle
St Benedict Wax Relief Candle St Benedict Wax Relief Candle
Old World Chain Censer Old World Chain Censer
Rose Pearl Rosary - Pink Rose Pearl Rosary - Pink
Rose Pearl Rosary - Blue Rose Pearl Rosary - Blue
Easter Egg Wraps Easter Egg Wraps
Easter Egg Icon Stickers Easter Egg Icon Stickers
Risen Christ mini-icon Risen Christ mini-icon
Discounted Icon Egg Pair Discounted Icon Egg Pair
Pieta Figurine Pieta Figurine