Icons of Christ

Icons of Christ

Since 1981, thousands of churches, schools and families around the world have looked to the Monastery Icons collection for traditional Christian art. From the smallest plaque to the largest mounted icon, each piece is a work of art -- made to last and made to be treasured.

Browse this collection to find your favorite image of Christ. Our icons of Christ are meant to spiritually inspire through imagery of the Son of God.

All our icons are made with our exclusive Lumina Gold process, which gives them deep, rich colors over gold leaf backgrounds. Our plaques are made with a non-glare satin lamination featuring a durable, washable surface and UV protective coating. All icons of Christ are made in the USA.

Choose any of five formats for your icon: plaques from 4" inches to 24" inches tall, cathedral sizes from 36" to 60" and larger, unmounted prints, banners, and magnets.

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