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Perpetual Help Icon Magnet Perpetual Help Icon Magnet
For the Life of the World icon magnet For the Life of the World icon magnet
Christ High Priest Magnet Christ High Priest Magnet
Divine Mercy Magnet Divine Mercy Magnet
Risen Christ Cross Magnet Risen Christ Cross Magnet
Saint Teresa of Calcutta Magnet Saint Teresa of Calcutta Magnet
St. Joseph Magnet St. Joseph Magnet
Sweet Kissing Magnet Sweet Kissing Magnet
Hofmann's Portrait of Christ Magnet Hofmann's Portrait of Christ Magnet
St. Michael Magnet St. Michael Magnet
St. Michael-Military magnet St. Michael-Military magnet
Guardian Angel Magnet Guardian Angel Magnet
Christ & the Children Magnet Christ & the Children Magnet
Guadalupe Magnet Guadalupe Magnet
Celtic Cross magnet Celtic Cross magnet
Easter Magnet Easter Magnet
Queen of Heaven Magnet Queen of Heaven Magnet
Good Shepherd Magnet Good Shepherd Magnet
Perpetual Help Magnet Perpetual Help Magnet
Virgin & Child Round Magnet Virgin & Child Round Magnet
St. Francis & the Animals Magnet St. Francis & the Animals Magnet
Miraculous Medal Magnet Miraculous Medal Magnet
Tiffany Holy Spirit Magnet Tiffany Holy Spirit Magnet
San Damiano Cross magnet San Damiano Cross magnet
Ornamental Christ magnet Ornamental Christ magnet
Baptism of Christ Magnet Baptism of Christ Magnet
Christ Round Magnet Christ Round Magnet
Christ the Teacher Magnet Christ the Teacher Magnet
Sacred Heart Magnet Sacred Heart Magnet
Holy Family Magnet Holy Family Magnet
Wedding at Cana Magnet Wedding at Cana Magnet
House of Nazareth Magnet House of Nazareth Magnet
St Michael the Defender icon magnet St Michael the Defender icon magnet
St Joseph the Worker Icon Magnet St Joseph the Worker Icon Magnet
Arched Guadalupe Magnet Arched Guadalupe Magnet
Saint Paul Icon Magnet Saint Paul Icon Magnet
Saint Jude Icon Magnet Saint Jude Icon Magnet
Saints Joachim & Anna Icon Magnet Saints Joachim & Anna Icon Magnet
Saint Anna Icon Magnet Saint Anna Icon Magnet
Holy Family Icon Magnet Holy Family Icon Magnet
Resurrection Icon Magnet Resurrection Icon Magnet
Saint Joan of Arc Icon Magnet Saint Joan of Arc Icon Magnet
Saint Francis de Sales Icon Magnet Saint Francis de Sales Icon Magnet
Saint Rose of Lima Icon Magnet Saint Rose of Lima Icon Magnet
Saint Katherine Drexel Icon Magnet Saint Katherine Drexel Icon Magnet
Saint Clare Icon Magnet Saint Clare Icon Magnet
Saints Peter and Paul Icon Magnet Saints Peter and Paul Icon Magnet
O Holy Night Christmas Icon Magnet O Holy Night Christmas Icon Magnet
Christ the King Cross Magnet Christ the King Cross Magnet
Commemorative Icon Magnets Commemorative Icon Magnets
St. Francis Icon Magnet St. Francis Icon Magnet
Glory to God icon magnet Glory to God icon magnet
Christ Victorious Icon Magnet Christ Victorious Icon Magnet
Star magnet Star magnet
Glory to the Newborn King icon magnet Glory to the Newborn King icon magnet